Friday, July 18, 2014

Another Update

Another Thursday night potluck dinner with Sam and Donna.  Tonight was a small gathering since many folks have taken off for vacations to cooler climates.  It was 107 degrees at dinner time but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.  Right after eating, we pack up and head to the pool.  Fun!  Can't let a little warm weather defeat our entertainment.
Don stopped in at the Activities Office and snapped a couple photos for you.  Say hello to Martha Yarbor and Christy Kochen.  You'll see a lot of them at the front desk this coming season.  They're temporarily stationed in the sales office due to the remodeling project.
Nancy Paupst in sales is a busy lady this summer.  Houses are coming in and selling fast.
Looks like a training session in the mailroom.
The billiards room must be nearing completion as they're starting to move the pool tables back.
Shelves are going back into the new library/computer room.
Still lots of work to do in the ballroom.

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