Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Fairy Rings and more

We just happened to be standing near the golf course talking with a friend when this night heron swept low over the fairway and landed by the creek.  Luckily, I had camera in hand.  Awesome!
Thank goodness for a zoom lens. 
Speaking of pretty things...........our card group decided to take an afternoon off and head out to the Olive Mill for lunch.  What a pleasant outing! 
Just being on our own golf course is pleasant too.  Here's a nice view from #13. 
Don and I stopped out on the course this morning to get a better view of the "fairy ring" that Kent Evans told us about.
A fairy ring is a magical place full of wonder and awe in many fables and stories of lore.  On a golf course, it's more apt to be just a place where underground spores develop from fertilizer and water but never stop dreaming.  Maybe it sprung up here from so many golfers hoping their ball would make it over the water.  You just never know......:)
Remodeling pictures still look familiar.  No major changes that are highly visible but the crews are working hard every day.
I learned something new about crown molding.  I've been calling all the new wood trim "crown molding".....but recently learned that the stuff around doors and windows is called "casing".  The term "crown molding" is reserved for ceilings.  Thank you to John Westgate for the info. 
Monday, August 4, was a BIG day for the Activities Department as ticket sales opened for the upcoming season.  A long line formed as residents waited their turn at the best tickets.  MaryAnn says thank you to the volunteers that were present to help her.  Nancy Flader and Diane Reese probably had stiff necks the next day from holding telephones to their shoulders during the mad rush of ticket sales. 
Outdoors our landscape crew is constantly busy taking care of the resort.  Some are still spraying weeds.
The job of trimming all the shrubs and bushes is never ending.
(from Jeanette Girard)
Barbie turned 50.
And so has Superman.
Batman and Robin are in the nursing home. 
Cinderella is divorced. 
The Little Mermaid has met her fate. 


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