Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Meet and Greet

Special note to all residents that are here through the summer:

Hurry up to the office and pick up a ticket for the "Meet and Greet" meeting to be held Monday morning (August 11) at 8:30 a.m. in the Santan Room.  Tickets are FREE but needed so they can get an accurate head count of expected attendance.  Coffee and pastries will be provided.

This will be a great opportunity to "Meet and Greet" our new General Manager, Lisa Harold.  Be there! 

Pick up your ticket across the street in the Sales Office. 

_________________ is now starting on our kitchen expansion!  I promised Marilyn Goeken that I would post as much info as I could so here's the first move.
The room next to the kitchen used to be storage for chairs and LOTS of other stuff.  It is empty now and they're starting to work on the electrical part of installing a huge walk-in refrigerator.

More houses are arriving on the non-pet side of the park.  Site 663 at the south end of Cole Circle is done.  Site 664 should be arriving later this afternoon.  Rumor has it that these two houses are already sold.
Here is another new home on the corner of Cole and Acacia.  Should be Site 289.
Water volleyball continues several nights per week.  It's a wonderful way to be outdoors, keep cool, and have FUN.
Yup.  While we play, our staff keeps working.  We say "thank you" to everyone of them for keeping our park so nice.
We spotted this little guy on an electrical post at Site 385 this morning.  It was nice of him/her? to post long enough for a quick photo.
Mark Nelson must have a lot of time on his hands when he's not on the pickleball courts.  He sends some of the cutest stuff through email. 
Check out this cute and creative art work.


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