Monday, August 18, 2014

Quiet Day, quail

We walked all around the front offices today looking for some construction photos for you but they all look the same.  Just more painting and electrical work being done so no exciting action shots to send you.
We had a lovely storm last night though so I took a picture of a puddle we found on the street as we drove around.  Isn't that exciting??  We don't see puddles very often unless they're from a sprinkler line leak but this one is authentic and is from the rain we had.  It was only .04 of an inch according to our new high tech weather station, but every drop counts when you live in a desert.

 Since it was so quiet, you get another sky picture.  Pretty, huh?
Our landscaping crew planted a whole line of oleanders behind the stage in palm park.  By the time you return, they'll be growing strong and probably be in flower.
Awwww......check this out.  Kent and Leslie Evans at 1769 sent these photos.  Mama quail has been roosting on their patio at night for the last couple days....with three adorable chicks under her wing.
Little furry powder puffs on legs.


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