Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wine & Pizza Party

Wow............only four days since my last posting and the complaints come rolling in that I don't write often enough.  It's actually a nice compliment that folks look forward to the blog....and your "complaints" keep me motivated. 

Audrey Combs sent me this awesome photo of the quail lined up on the roof at the home of Wendell and Bev Hoffmann.  Thanks, Audrey.  Don and I come across a sizeable covey of quail quite often during the early morning when we're out on our rounds but they're really fast so pictures are rare.  One day we saw Mom and Dad quail with a whole bunch of little powder puff babies scooting along.  They weren't about to stop and pose though.  It's always a treat to see them.
The landscape crew was busy last week with the never ending chore of replacing and repairing irrigation lines.  They did a LOT of work around the pond by #9.
The yards along the pond looked like giant moles had been digging their way through.
By the time you return, you'll never know the work was done ... and the irrigation will be working just fine.  So much labor and money is required to keep our resort as beautiful as it is.  This is truly our "rent money" at work for us.
Thursday we had a fun wine and pizza event for the summer residents.  Nathan Hunter from National Pizza Parties was our host.  A nice wine selection was also available.
We had all kinds of choices for what we wanted on our a yummy salad on the side................and.......of course, delicious cake for dessert! 
Nathan mentioned that he can also present a party for custom omelets.  It sounded interesting so I requested one of his business cards and later looked it up at their website.  Very interesting business concept.  Here's an excerpt:
"National Pizza Parties started out as Pizza City in 1984. Situated near the University of Arizona in Tucson. David and Karen Peterson were determined to turn a small campus pizza shop into a powerhouse of delivery, catering and in-shop business. Within 2 years Pizza City had tripled revenue but was continually frustrated trying to successfully deliver orders of 20+ pizzas and provide the finest quality. Thus was born the "made at the party" pizza delivery company named "Tucson's Finest Pizzas".
Then came another revelation. Not only did the pizzas turn out to be delicious but word spread quickly and the pizza party business boomed. Dave and Karen decided to move after a very exciting year of growth and start a new shop in Phoenix, Az. that would just do the catering of pizza parties. Within 3 years, their new company was exceeding 100 parties every month. After 7 years they moved again. This time they moved to St. Petersburg, Florida with an eye on hitting 250 parties each month. Good luck! National Pizza Parties is currently operating in 33 cities. "

Should you want to have a neighborhood party of your own, you can contact Nathan at 520-888-9359 or email

That's all for today.  I have to get ready to head up to the Santan Room for an afternoon of Pegs and Jokers again.  "Pegs" is by far my favorite game as it requires some serious strategy while having a lot of fun in the process.  Here are some of our "serious" players.

Will have more construction photos for you tomorrow.

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