Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Construction update

Carpenters, electricians, door experts, window glass, and a bunch of worker bees were really buzzing around the buildings this morning.  The first two photos below show where they cut a big hole in the ballroom wall and are installing a double door system.  This is the first double door available for moving tables and heavy equipment in and out of the ballroom.
Another set of double doors is being installed as access to the storage area just across from the ballroom at the back of the Adobe Room.  Now they'll be able to move equipment back and forth much much easier than before.
Here's the new doorway from the kitchen into the new expansion area.  A big new hot water heater has already been installed. 

If you look closely at this photo, you can begin to imagine how much work goes into simply installing a hot water heater.  Check out all the pipes, water lines, valves, electrical work, etc.
They'll be able to fill this whole room with the new walk-in refrigerator, new ovens, and precious storage area with counter space.
The stained glass room is also receiving more space as a previous maintenance storage area has been moved to a different location.  Gym Flader and Bob Fahrenbruch have donated their time to painting the new area and installing the shelves and counters where they want them.
The storage shelves will hold all these molds that the stained glass people use on their projects. 
They'll also be receiving a new kiln in this room.
I was curious as to what all these little glass numbered buttons were for and was told that each project that goes in the kiln needs to have a number with it for identification. 
Gym and Bob (yes....I spelled Gym's name correctly) are doing so much of this work themselves.
 Sharon Fahrenbruch is helping as well.  She gets the tedious job of peeling off all the old labels from shelving.   
A big thank you goes to these folks for all the hours of labor they donate....not only to fixing up the room but for monitoring as well. 
Ford, who  made the first pick-up trucks, shipped them to dealers  in crates that the new owners had to assemble using the crates as the beds of the trucks.  The new owners had to go to the dealers to get them, thus they had to  "pick-up" the trucks.   
And now you know the "rest  of the story".


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