Thursday, August 21, 2014

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I've received quite a few questions/suggestions from avid readers so thought I'd make a special posting regarding them.

Several folks would like a place to post some information on a more personal nature about our residents.  Palm Creek has become a large "family" for many of us and it's hard to communicate a message to so many friends.  I walk a fine line with this blog because of the varied audience who reads it. an effort to accommodate, I created a page called "Notes from Residents".  The page is located directly below the palm tree pictures at the top of the blog.  Just click on it to see what your neighbors have to say. 

I'd like to call attention to the search box at the top of the blog.  That small white box is the perfect place to type in when searching for specific information that has been posted in the past.

How frequently do I post something new??  Answer:  Whenever I have time and the inclination.  If you get tired of going to the blog and finding nothing new, there is a special feature at the top right of the blog where you can enter your email address.  Then you will receive a notification whenever something new is added.

Further down the right hand side is a list of links you can click on to take you to other informative sites for Palm Creek.  Be sure to look through the long list of clubs and activities who post to their own blog.

Further down again is the "Blog Archive" where you can click to search back through the years of postings since the blog started in 2006.
At the bottom, there is a box called "blog statistics" if you want to see how many people check the blog on a daily basis.  Just click where it says "View Site Stats".  That site has been accumulating stats since August of 2011. 

I've heard over and over again how much the blog is appreciated and folks keep suggesting that I charge a subscription fee to compensate for all the time it requires.  I really don't want to do that!  So to wrap this up, I thank you one and all for your kind words about the blog.  Enjoy!

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