Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Remodeling & Work Photos

The first thing I saw when I drove up front today were these two trucks from a refrigerator supply company.
That meant the new walk-in refrigerator must be here.  I had no idea that the thing would come with "some assembly required". 
These guys have obviously done this before as they knew exactly how each piece should fit.
Here comes the door panel.  I'm supposed to tell Marilyn Goeken that "yes, the door has a window" as requested.
All in a day's work.
The bulletin board in front of the admin building is decorated with all kinds of pretty posters advertising upcoming events. 
New storage cabinets are being installed in Activities.  Counter tops should be arriving soon.
Spotted Avis Gray on her way out to the mailboxes.  Someone has to stuff our boxes full of all the upcoming election propaganda. 
We made Lillie Corbitt give her hubby, Hank, a big kiss for his birthday.
Happy Birthday, Hank!!  We won't tell anyone you're another year older.  :)
Elsewhere along the route, the landscape crew is busy as ever with trimming and cleaning the grounds. 
We got to chat briefly with Fernando and Pedro.  Pedro does a lot of the mowing on the golf course.  Nice to meet you, Pedro!
Oh my gosh!  Here's a nasty chore.  How about transplanting a huge barrel cactus for one of our residents.  OUCH!
Correction.  Originally, I posted that this new storage building was for pickleball equipment, but I've since learned that it is storage for the snack shack.
It was a pretty view of the mountains and clouds in the distance.
 If you heard the national weather report and photos of all the flooding up north in the Phoenix area, there's no worry here.  We only had some very light rain.

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