Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Remodeling Update

Peggy Brown emailed me this photo and wrote "Look at my new friend".  At first I thought she was referring to that cute frog statue......but then I looked closer and zoomed in on the "friend".
Awwww....isn't he cute!! 

Peggy and Glen (Site 1938) had a busy day as later this road runner was spotted up on their patio.
Today's tour was lovely at a nice cool 78 degrees.  I think fall may be in the air.  Landscapers are still trimming.

Good news for the remodeling.  Bob Davidson was the first to play in the newly remodeled pool room.

Amber was busy over in the sales office.

Eddie from our maintenance staff is busy refinishing doors for the newly remodeled offices.

Meet Victoria.  She will be greeting you at the guest services office as you arrive.

Construction continues at the storage shed for the snack shack.  Nice big double doors are being installed.  Recognize his electrician?  It's "Legs". 

New granite counter tops for guest services.
Installing granite counter tops in Activities.  I asked for leftovers to be installed in my kitchen but I don't hold out a lot of hope.  :)
Bonnie and Roger Koons are restocking the shelves in our newly remodeled library.  These are the same shelves we had before but now they're all freshly painted.
 Thank you for your contribution of time and labor!
Installing the counter for the computer area.
The case at the front of the room will be lighted so trophies and special projects can be kept on display.
Larry Gray and Bob Davidson are happy to be back at the pool table.
Looks like they found more doors for Eddie.
Kitchen remodeling is underway.

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