Friday, July 31, 2015

End of Another Week

We can see the layout of the dog run area.  Looks like they're building a nice wall/fence for the pups.

While Don and I were standing there this morning, a covey of quail entered the scene.

Followed closely by a couple rabbits.  Looks like they all know this is a pet friendly area now.  :)

More digging in Phase 3.

Loads and loads of sub-base material for the pickleball courts.

After being poured and leveled, the material is packed down.

There's activity over near the food court area.

So far....just a hole.  Not sure what they're doing yet.

Another house being prepped.

I copied this photo from the Facebook page.  Here's Eddie from our maintenance staff cleaning and patching the north hot tub.  Thanks Eddie!!

We took a ride out past the proposed Phoenix Mart project to check on the progress.  Well......there are some nice impressive signs built so far but that's all.