Sunday, July 26, 2015


Uh Oh.................Just found out that I have given some false information here.

Remember those nice numbered bricks for all the RV sites I complimented the other day??  I "assumed" these were all lovingly painted by our maintenance crew.  Today, just by chance, I discovered that they were all painted by two super elves..........Bob Herinck and Bob Daniels.  Thanks guys!!  These will be wonderful for when our rangers are parking all the rigs this year.  Very nice!  These two made the perfect team for this project.

Bob Daniels (aka....Ranger Bob)

Bob Herinck (aka.....painter Bob)

I discovered another "whoops" by missing a very dear friend who also helped us handwash all those poker chips.  I inadvertently missed Nancy Flader who did her share as well.  Thanks, Nancy.


If any of you readers ever catch anything I've misposted, please send me an alert.  


This coming Friday, July 31, at 4:00 pm is pizza night up in the ballroom. Nathan from the National Pizza Parties will be here again whipping up our favorite pizzas with tons of toppings. He makes the pizzas from scratch at the head table. Yum..........and all you can eat.

Tickets are $8.00 each. Pick them up at the front desk soon as they will appreciate an accurate head count.

This is also the same company that makes the omelets. By popular request, we are having Nathan back again on Wednesday, September 16 to cook us up more of those made-to-order omelettes. They were delicious! Might as well buy those tickets right away too.

See ya there!