Friday, July 17, 2015

Pasta Night & Pool Tables

Our pool players have complained loud and long about the pool tables and the fact that they need to be leveled.  Lo and behold, I guess the squeaky gate gets oiled.  This project is taking many hours of hard work.  As we hear from the technicians, the tables were indeed in need of serious leveling.  

Of course, now the guys won't have anything to blame when they miss a shot.  LOL 

Thank you to MaryAnn Brown and crew for a wonderful pasta dinner last night.  Everyone really seemed to have a good time.  Met some new people and had good laughs.

We welcomed Glen and Sharon Hoffschneider from Site 1256 as they just became full timers here.  Hope they're ready for our summer temps.  :)

The kitchen crew was busy keeping us fed.
Donna Cox and Barbie Hillman

Barbie and Veronica

Veronica, Kathleen, Donna

Kathleen and MaryAnn

.....and of course, Ed Brown.  He gets "volunteered" for all activities. 

We were treated to three different pasta dishes plus yummy garlic toast, a salad, AND tasty cheesecake for dessert.  It made for a very pleasant evening.  Thank you to all who helped.

From this morning's rounds:

Many many pallets of bricks are stacked and ready at the new south pavillion. The wall at the far west side appears done.

The new pet section is receiving a very nice upgrade of walls and stone work along the streets.

Looks nice!

Here's another view down Mica Lane now that more houses have been put in place.  It will definitely look like a new neighborhood when you return.

Had to comment on our monsoon sky again.  We can see some heavy rains off in the distance, see the lightning, and hear the thunder rumbling.....but no rain here yet.  I think the weatherman is predicting some for this weekend.

Tractor Supply is still under construction.  

Pouring lots of concrete around the buildings.

We stopped up at the main pool and watched Nick at work keeping the area nice and clean for us.

Here's Luis helping with the vacuum for the pool.  We truly appreciate the nice job these young men do to keep our pools in such nice condition.  They get plenty of use in the summer.

I thought this might make a good before and after shot.
Here's a photo of when the vines along the fence were being planted on June of 2013.

And here is how well they've grown in two years!!

By the way............MaryAnn Brown is doing an excellent job of posting photos to the Palm Creek Facebook page.  Click on this link and compliment her work.