Wednesday, July 22, 2015

First House in the new construction area!!

Don and I both find it VERY exciting to watch all this action every day.  Based on the nice emails some of you send, it sounds like you enjoy the photos also which makes my time at the keyboard worthwhile.  

This is the "assembly" team from John Blount's crew as they get ready for the first house to arrive.

Here it comes!

Don was closer to take some video which I'll be posting.

 The crew should be pretty good at this by now as it is certainly a steady routine here at our resort.  New houses seem to appear daily.

 Here comes the other section.

The whole complex of new streets now looks like a forest of sewer pipes growing out of the ground.

We spotted Fernando reviewing the progress with Jessie from Steffy Construction.

Of course, MaryAnn Brown was on duty with her camera to get photos for the Facebook page.

John Blount checking the site just before the house arrived.

By looking at the park map, I'm guessing this will be about site number 2030.........but that's only a guess.  Will try to get that confirmed later.

Here's a quick video for you:


Special thank you to Dina Bates for sending me this cute owl cartoon.  She knows I'm an owl fan.
Pardon the 4-letter word but you have to admire his attitude.