Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Progress & Bingo Night

Was just too busy to post yesterday.  :)  Had to play cards, go to the movie, go shopping, etc. etc.
Took this photo while out on rounds.  Pretty place!

Saw this fancy 5th wheel up at the overnight parking.  Check out the nice fold down patio!

I'd never seen one like this.  

New pickleball area being prepped.

The pictures don't really show the story of how much work is already done here as about a full 8 inches of soil had to be removed.

So you can get a better idea, I made my handsome husband stand there so you could tell the depth of the dirt now.  It used to be level with the concrete.  That's a lot of dirt to scrape off and haul away!

Bingo night on Monday!  We had about 17 people present.  Some won 3 or 4 times and some were not as lucky but we had fun.

Of course, Ms. Flo was there to help set up and oversee the program.

MaryAnn took this lovely photo of the caller with my eyes closed.  I had them open for the games though.  LOL   I could always see when number 55 came up.