Thursday, July 30, 2015

Courts are Starting

Now that the area is cleared of hard desert soil, the crews are spreading the appropriate layers that form the undercoat or sub base for the pickleball courts.  There is always a truck or someone with a hose to keep down the dust.  

This tractor is equipped with the GPS levelers to achieve the correct height.

I believe the initial base is gravel.

Big dump trucks are bringing the next layer that gets spread on top.

There is a mason working to extend that back brick wall.

The trench had to be dug, footings poured, rebar installed, and bricks laid.  LOTS of work and expense in this project.

Farther on, the tonka crew is still working on installation of all the sewer, water, and electrical lines for the whole phase 3 project.

House number 4 has arrived on the new street.  John Blount's crew has no time to rest!

Elsewhere around the resort, our landscape crew is cleaning up from all the palm tree trimming.  Workers went between all the houses and blew the debris to the street where it can be picked up with the big vacuum.  

Just something to remember while you look at all these people so hard at work.  The thermometer next to me reads 104 and it is only 10:30 a.m. still in the cooler part of the day!!

How hot is it????????