Thursday, July 09, 2015

Another House

The neighbors and I have been watching the new cottage home being installed on the corner near us at Site 1094.  It arrived this morning.  I'll be posting a video on You Tube but it takes a LONG time to upload. Will paste a link tomorrow.

It's a surprise to look out the kitchen window and see another house so close.

Jerry Anderson, Connie Morin, Ed Brown, and I were on hand in case they needed our help.  HA!!  

They backed it in perfectly on the first try.  We cheered them on and got a warm smile in return.  Great morning entertainment.

Wow!  Here's the ditch we've been showing you.  It's all done.  Pipes installed, buried, and now moving on to the next street.

Here's the next block.

While all these exciting things are happening, our loyal landscapers are still trimming the over 2000 palm trees in the park.

Must hurry off now as it's nearly time to meet the girls for another game of Pegs & Jokers.  Then comes a small happy hour and a dip in the pool.  Life is good!!

Received some great golf stories from a friend today.

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