Tuesday, July 28, 2015


You can tell it is a quiet day when the first picture I post is of a weed.  But it is also the first thing of interest I saw when we started our morning rounds.  Isn't this a pretty delicate little weed?  I just didn't have the heart to spray it or pull it out.  Will wait until it's done blossoming.  :)

Work continues at the south pavilion where they're digging footings.

Tractor Supply still under construction.  It looks a lot more "finished" from the front as you drive down Florence but we only see the backside.

Unfortunately the dang pigeons are still gathering inside the resort.  I love birds but these little devils are quite a nuisance.  

There's some project going on by these posts  but I'm not sure yet as to what they're digging for.

Digging a new hole over by the housing area too but I can't tell what the project is.

Looks like another big water line just put in too.  I'll have to start bugging Mr. Dawson and ask for a guided tour again (in his spare time HA).  I miss his explanations about the big projects.

Yup.....still trimming palm trees.  

Drove past the south pavilion again and found Fernando with a hammer in hand.  We love to tease him when we see him at actual labor.  We certainly appreciate everything he does for all of us!!

A New Restaurant Coming to Town:
The Casa Grande Dispatch today announced a new restaurant coming to town and say it is scheduled to open this fall.

Boston's Restaurant and Sports Bar will be located just east of the Holiday Inn Express near Florence Boulevard.  According to the paper, this is a Canadian based business that hopes to cater to the influx of Canadian winter visitors.  It will feature more than 80 menu items including gourmet pizzas, pastas ribs, burgers and a variety of specialty dishes such as salmon.

Have a GREAT day!!


New High School Teacher

 After retiring, a former Gunny Sergeant in the Marine Corps took a new job
 as a high school teacher.

 Just before the school year started, he injured his back.   He was required
 to wear a light plaster cast around the upper part of his body. Fortunately,
 the cast fit under his shirt and wasn't noticeable when he wore his suit  coat.

 On the first day of class, he found himself assigned to the toughest
 students in the school.

 The smart-aleck punks, having already heard the new teacher was a former
 Marine, were leery of him and he knew they would be testing his discipline
 in the classroom.

 Walking confidently into the rowdy classroom, the new teacher opened the
 window wide and sat down at his desk. When a strong breeze made his tie
 flap, he picked up a stapler and stapled the tie to his chest.

 Dead silence ... The rest of the year went smoothly.