Thursday, July 02, 2015

More Pipe Work we can see that the sewer pipe is already in place down this whole street and they're covering it up.

The big shovel brings a load of dirt and the two men in the ditch carefully tuck it in around the pipe. 
The pictures may all look alike to you but I tried to take them with the shovel in different positions.  The operator is obviously very skilled.
He doesn't just dump the shovel load but instead shakes out a bit at a time so the men in the ditch can tuck the dirt securely around the pipe.  (At least that's what it looks like to us.) We find it fascinating so watch for about 30 minutes to an hour.  Remember that it is early morning and already over 100 degrees.  It's probably a lot hotter down in that ditch without any kind of breeze to help cool them off.
Hope you don't get bored with all the dirt pictures, but there is a LOT of ground work to be done before crews can get to the courts, pool, and buildings.  Stay tuned over the next couple months.
I want to share an email with you that I received from Tom Gottfried today.  Tom is one of our long time winter visitors.  Here's what he wrote:


Thanks for the great pics of the massive amount of digging going on to route all the necessary piping required for a "small city" like Palm Creek.  I wonder how many residents realize what it takes to plan and then implement everything to make a resort like Palm Creek "work".  From the majestic palms to the beautiful flower beds......the expansive sports facilities to the extensive meeting and hobby activities rooms......Palm Creek is indeed a unique community.  Many kudos to those responsible, past and present, who had the foresight to envision what a first rate retirement community can be.

I always enjoy hearing from readers as the praise is what keeps me motivated to write.  :)
One of my main reasons for starting the blog was to inform folks of what occurs here during the summer.  So much work and effort goes into keeping our resort so beautiful.  I forwarded Tom's letter to Lisa Harold (our General Manager) and to Jim Dawson as I want them to know how much our residents appreciate their efforts.
I leave you now with another great sunset photo from Suzette Taylor.  (Thanks, Suzette!)


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