Wednesday, July 08, 2015


Tractor Supply is starting to pour outside concrete now.

 Sure wish this location would have something more exciting than a tractor supply store.  Bummer.

A couple people have asked about the palm tree on Putter Place that was hit by lightning.  They're wondering if the tree survived.  By today's picture........I will guess NO.  Looks pretty sad.

This scene is occurring all around the park these days but this one is of particular interest to me because it's just across the street on Cole Circle and Stary Night Lane.

It starts by breaking up the concrete pad and hauling it away.  This only took about 15-20 minutes.

Thought I'd toss in a couple photos of the green golf course before we head over to the construction and all the dirt.

These next two pictures are from yesterday.
 The green posts are where the sewer pipes reach up above ground for connecting to the houses.

I'm pretty sure this gizmo is used to tramp down the soil over the pipes.

He's also using it to knock more dirt into the trench.

We're back in the Adobe Room for cards now and things are pretty well cleaned up in there.  Still some finishing touches to do but it looks nice.  New Counters, new sink, new molding around the doors and windows............but best of all.........great new lighting.  The room is nice and bright.  Love it.

Look hands.  We saw this gent soaring down the street this morning so had to stop him to see what the heck he was riding on.

Mr. Franz (Marlys Bungum's brother-in-law) has a new gizmo for his transportation.  He said it was designed and built in China and its called "Solo Wheel".  It evidently is very popular in China where people depend so much on foot traffic.

It folds up and is easy to carry inside.  All new balancing technology and it's only $2200.   I thought a Segway was tricky.  I think I'd have to wear a helmet and extra body armor before I'd try it.  It really zips along.

We see other folks on our morning rounds too during the cool of the day.  Say Hi to Connie Morin and her new puppy named Kaiser.

We chatted with Howard and Jane Dinsmore as they enjoyed their morning coffee out on their patio.

................and.................Kilroy was here too!!

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