Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Phase 3 Update

Big Tonkas are hard at work again today.  Have to get those streets finished.

Unfortunately, I don't have a tour guide to tell me exactly what's happening but I can take photos anyway.  At least we know there is plenty of action.

You can see some monsoon showers in the background.  We saw plenty of lightning and heard the rumbles but no rain for us.  

Aha!  Looks like they're clearing the area where the new pickleball courts will go.

In prepping the site, they had to move the storage shed by the pickleball courts.  All the players will remember the complaints about the bees in that area despite the many times the area was sprayed.  No wonder the bees kept returning as there was a HUGE honeycomb under the shed.
This photo from Lillie

Here's the future site of the new activity swimming pool.

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