Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Catch Up

Work continues on the new pickleball courts.  Here you can see how the soil is packed down and the frames are built.

All the leveling is done with precision instruments.

Then the cables are strung and stretched.

Lots of work needed to get everything exact.

The yellow cylinders are where posts will be placed after pouring.

The trucks are scheduled to start pouring tonight around 1:30 a.m. as its too hot to do it during the day.  The fancy truck with the long chute arrives around 1:30 to set up.  Then a trail of 14 cement trucks will follow around 2:30.  If I can manage to drag myself out of bed, I'll be there out of loyalty to all you readers.  Anyone want to stay up to keep me company??

Elsewhere today we found a huge crew of Blount Construction workers getting the new houses put together.

After the house is put together, work continues fixing up the yard.  Many tractors and shovels are being used around the park these days.  We're very familiar with the beep beep beep of the backup alarms.

Unexpected water line breaks keep our maintenance crew busy too.  

Jim and Diane Reese had an entertaining morning watching the action from their patio.

The landscaping crew is continually busy cleaning up after palm tree clipping.  Those big air blowers don't get much rest and the crew walks between all the houses to clean up the yards.

 We saw a contractor measuring and marking lines where the new pool will start soon.

That's going to be a BIG hole with lots of dirt to haul away.

It's 9:30 pm now so think I'll set the alarm for 1:30 and take a little nap.  It will be a short night.  It is 95 degrees now so it's getting a little cooler.  The weatherman said tonight that so far we've had 14 days over 110 degrees.  Whew!  That's hot.

And here's the forecast for the upcoming week: