Thursday, August 13, 2015

Last Courts are Poured

The last four pickleball courts were poured in the wee hours of the night.  No.  I did not stay up this time to watch the action as we had a pretty long day yesterday with all the storm information.  Here's the crew still on duty as they do some finishing work on the recent pour.  It has been a long night for them.

There was a LOT of activity out there this morning.  Trucks and equipment were busy everywhere.

Hard to believe it will all soon look like this.

We briefly chatted with Gary Lambert as he was picking up all the glow sticks.  Because that long parade of cement trucks comes in during the night, they laid a trail of glow sticks so they could find their way in the dark.  Great idea!

While Don was busy taking video pictures of the courts, I spotted some of the big moths and bugs that had crashed in the bright lights from last night.  Awesome critters.

Here's Don's video.  You can see me in the distance photographing dead bugs.  :)

John Blount is definitely a "hands on" type of guy.  Found him digging a ditch with shovel in hand this morning......and he's the boss man in charge!

Back at the south end of the park, crews are starting with the annual asphalt project of sealing cracks and resurfacing streets.