Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Four courts poured.

Many photos here for you today!  I arrived at the scene at 1:30 a.m.  Crews were getting ready for a long night ahead of pouring four of our new pickleball courts.  This is the same crew that was here to build our present courts.

Looks like every bug in town was here to enjoy the bright lights.  I was a little disappointed, however, that we only saw a few bats enjoying the occasion.  When they poured the original courts, there were many many bats swooping through to gather the bugs.

The "magic" truck showed up around 2:00.

Its amazing to watch this truck unfold.  First big stabilizer legs spread out and then the long long long arm stretches up and out.

All is controlled by this man in the big hat.  He wears a remote control box on is belt to operate the equipment.

I wasn't the only spectator as Hank and Lillie Corbitt and Lisa Harold showed up to watch the action also.  Of course, Jim Dawson was present as well but he never stands still for a photo.  :)

Like a small precisely timed parade, the cement trucks started showing up.

Two trucks were lined up at a time so there would be a constant pour of cement.

14 truckloads for the night.

A plastic tarp was held to prevent splashing on the brick wall.

One man guides the chute while others start to smooth out the edges.

The man in the orange shirt guides a vibrator bar along the edges to prevent any air bubbles.

The screed is guided by laser levelers.

My eyelids were getting heavy by 3:30 so I went home when courts were half way poured.  Don and I returned this morning around 8:00 to see the final results.

That is certainly a long hard night for the crew.

Now Fernando's crew will complete the next section of the back wall for the other set of four courts.