Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It was a DANDY Storm!

Wow!  We had a dandy storm last night.  About six trees came down here in the park.  

Hope no one was in at the time!

Every house watcher was busy in the streets EARLY this morning.  We awoke to a text message from Lillie Corbitt cautioning us to watch for glass and debris on the streets.  Don and I spent several hours touring around houses in the park, recording damages, and taking photos.  I purposely waited until tonight to post anything so everyone had time to notify the home owners that sustained damages.

The damage looks worse than it actually is.  No houses were damaged beyond their aluminum awnings and skirtings that I'm aware of so they should be easy enough to get repaired.  

We gathered as many pieces as we could find.

The only broken glass we found was over on Oasis.  It didn't come from a door or window but we finally learned that it was from a glass table top on someone's patio.  Those things can take off like a frisbee in the high winds.  We always caution folks to leave tables tipped upside down to avoid that kind of accident.

We have a wonderful group of people here.  Residents and all staff members were out early to clean up the mess.  If your house was damaged, I'm sure you've already been notified.