Monday, August 10, 2015

Ticket Sales

Another monsoon sky.  
Photo from Suzette Taylor

We had a little rain one night this week.....and I mean "just a little".  Lots of lightning and thunder rumbles but not much rain.

 This week's summer event was a yummy chicken dinner catered from Culver's restaurant.  Of course, my favorite part was the GREAT creamy Sundae dessert with chocolate and fresh raspberries.  YUM!  They also gave each of us a full sheet of nice coupons for our next visit to their location.  Thank you Culvers.........and thank you MaryAnn Brown for booking the event.

Monday, August 10, 9:00 a.m. at the Activities Office.  Just a small line of us summer residents in line to purchase our event tickets for the upcoming season.

The office was fully staffed and the phones were busy.
Gary Lambert and Lisa Harold.

Bob Daniels handling the bus trips, Barbie Rasmussen on the phones and MaryAnn at the cash register.

Joy and Dennis Miller were chatting at the front desk.

Christy Kochen introduced us to our new Social Media Coordinator.  Say hello to Joni Lochtefeld.  I'm sure you'll be seeing her behind a camera as she will be in charge of the Facebook page and other media.  She is a professional photographer so we should get some nice pictures this coming season.