Saturday, August 15, 2015


Ha!  After searching  around so many houses this week looking for damages, I happened to look behind OUR house and found a bunch of shingles on the ground.  

After the initial groan of despair, we called our friend Wil Chaney of Wil-Paul Construction to please climb up on the roof to inspect.  

Lucky for us the shingles are from a neighbor and not ours.  I do want to thank Wil for his time.  Wil and his sidekick Rich are two GREAT contractors who do a tremendous amount of work around our resort.  They are also very entertaining and fun to be around while they work.  He gave us a great pose for this photo.  

We can highly recommend them.  Thank you, Wil.

Our weather remains HOT!  We broke another record yesterday with 117 at Phoenix.  This is from the weather report on TV last night.

BUT.....we still manage to have fun indoors.  A group of our neighborhood friends had a nice luncheon out at Robson yesterday.  Say hello to the girls.

The Robson facilities are very attractive.  Since I had my camera handy, I took a couple shots as we departed.

That's all the news for today as its a weekend and the construction crews are home recovering from their wicked week in the hot sun.


Sent in from Lynn Reiter

Little Kids Talking:

How can a stranger tell if 2 people are married?
Kind of hard but they probably are yelling at the same kids

What do moms and dads have in common?
That they don't want any more kids.

When is it OK to kiss someone?
If they are rich

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