Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday - drying out from the rain and our potters at work

Found another hole dug next to the pretty casita building.  Looks like someone else is going to try one.


Streets are slowly drying out from our big rain storm.
Got together with "the girls" for some jewelry making yesterday.  Great way to spend a hot afternoon in doors with friends. 
The pottery people are having fun creating all kinds of art work.
This cute frog is going to be a fountain with the water coming down from his tongue.  Very creative!!
Leo is making some cute pencil holders in the shape of apples.  He says he has made a lot of them in the past as his grandkids give them as Christmas presents to their teachers.  Great idea!
Ernesto is hard at work at Palm Park and will be doing so for the next couple weeks.  It's a BIG project!

I always have time for a cute dove photo.  Here's Mom and her not so cute baby.

We found a cute little praying mantis on one of the houses this morning.  
Last but not least, I'll add in just a couple pictures we took along our way this morning.  The recent rains are really making everything green again.


My thoughts exactly!!

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