Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pampered Chef Party

Diane Gaines hosted a Pampered Chef party here yesterday.  I've been to quite a few of these parties in the past so I didn't think this would be a very big deal as they're usually just a typical house party but this one was FUN, educational, and entertaining.  I attribute it to the Pampered Chef representative, Rachel Thomas, who gave the presentation.  She obviously loves the job and the products she presents.
Rachel Thomas and Diane Gaines
All the proceeds from the sales plus the hostess items received will be donated to the Cancer Awareness program in February.  Hostess gifts will be added to the silent auction.  If you like Pampered Chef products and would like to order, you can still do so on line until Wednesday at:

Pampered Chef - Palm Creek orders     Enter Diane Gaines as the hostess name.  

Rachel prepared a spinach strawberry salad to share with us using many of her product items plus she cooked a microwave cake for dessert.  The afternoon was so much fun that we requested Diane to sponsor another party.  She suggested doing one in January just before the Cancer Awareness events but other guests requested one in December so they could purchase Christmas gifts as well.  Consensus is that we 'might' have two more to keep everyone happy.  At the next party, many of us want to bring our husbands because they spend as much time or MORE in the kitchen than we do.  It is always fun to have good quality TOOLS to do a job.

I was having so much fun chatting with friends, listening to the presentation, enjoying the delicious food, and deciding what to add to my order that I forgot to take photos of the whole group.  I gathered a couple stragglers for this picture
Back row Left to right:  Lesley Evans, Avis Gray, Nancy Flader, Barb & Jim Cobb, Bev Johnson, Peggy Fetzer.
Front:  Sandy Schoonover, Hostess Rachel Thomas, Bonnie 


I received a couple text messages from Steve Endsley last night.  He is still in ICU and in a lot of pain but at least he is well enough to text.  He anticipates being released in 6-7 days.  I posted the address of Seeds of Hope yesterday where you can help his family with much needed contributions.


We are definitely into monsoon season.  We get a little thunderstorm quite often ... mostly during late afternoon or evening.  Sometimes there is precious rain but usually just dust.  Humidity occasionally spikes up after a rain but the sun dries it up FAST....unlike what the weatherman says many folks out east are enduring.  We have no complaints about our summer here.  So far (fingers crossed) we can still enjoy our mornings and evenings outdoors.

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