Monday, July 08, 2013

Back to Work

As you can see, we took a nice long relaxing weekend with no blog and no house watch chores.  Three days off is as much as I could stand though or I'd be BORED.  Feels good to be back at "work" again.

We had a lovely thunderstorm Saturday night.  We sat outside and watched it rain, thunder, and light up the sky.  Probably didn't get but a half inch of rain, but it will be enough to keep our desert happy for a while.  Humidity today is up to 36% though and we're not used to that.  Felt pretty warm out there at 92 degrees this morning.  

Tree trimmers are doing Oasis Street this morning.  That is Susan Burkhart standing there to watch them trim the tree at her new house at 1869.  Susan and hubby Don were here for a few weeks to move in to their new home.  If you are a neighbor, be sure to say hello to them when you return and welcome them to your neighborhood.  They're from Texas.

Palm Park is still a work in progress.  They've finished this new line of palm trees and are now finishing up with the new sprinkler lines.
We walked around the patio area by the Bistro this morning.  Supposedly they'll start moving trees here  this week as the construction plans have finally been approved by the City Engineer.
I "think" these olive trees will have to be removed.
Ohhhhhh......that pool certainly looks inviting after walking around in the hot sun this morning.

That's all the resort news I have for now.  As for Casa Grande news, there has been a big construction project in front of the plaza by the Fry's Store on Florence Blvd.  We wondered in anticipation for a long time to see what was coming our way.....was it a cool new retail store:  or a new restaurant??  It was sooooo disappointing to find out it is just another mattress store called Mattress Firm.  Oh well.

Have a GREAT day!!

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