Thursday, July 04, 2013

Summer Potters at Work

It may be the height of summer but our Pottery Room is still an active place.  In fact, this group loves working here in the summer months because they have more room and it isn't crowded.  Lots of time and convenience to work on all those special project.

Kathy Johnson
Renee Yaeger
Sandy Milner
Natalie Aaron
Sandi Feller
Connie Morin is a newcomer to pottery and is getting guidance from Suzette Taylor.
Leo Semones
Sue Neumann
Avis Gray
Some of their pieces are ready for the kiln.
Leo makes these great clocks!  I want one.
We're waiting for final approval of expansion plans from the City Engineer's Office before any announcements can be made about changes to this room.  I've received numerous emails from eager residents asking about the status of this so I promise to write as soon as we have firm information.
The same goes for the Bistro plans.  Just smell the roses and be patient.

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