Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy July 4

We happily celebrated our Independence Day with 107 friends at today's July 4 luncheon.
Trying to get our worker bees and hotesses together for a photo is always a challenge.  
I hope you can zoom in and see the friendly faces of those in attendance.  Write to them and say you saw them munching on all the goodies.
Diane Gaines served as our hostess with a warm welcome.  After the Pledge of Allegiance, a silent moment of prayer for our Yarnell Firefighters, and a hearty round of applause to all our veterans who fought for our freedom, we helped ourselves to a delightful buffet of goodies. 
Today's feast was brat patties and chicken sandwiches with lots of desserts and drinks.  Everyone brought a delicious side dish to share.  A major fun part of these get togethers is the fabulous food that our residents bring.  Such good stuff and a bountiful feast.
Say hello to our new Director of Guest Services -- Cate Leu and her husband, Steve.  Cate says she is camera shy so tries to brighten things up by wearing some kind of crazy hat for each event.  We look forward to new ideas and events that Cate may have in store for us.
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