Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday - Palm Park progress

More beautiful monsoon sky.  Soon you'll be as tired of these as you are all the cactus flowers I send your way.  Sunrise is awesome again.  We're always up at the crack of dawn to enjoy morning coffee on the patio before we begin our day.  We have to spend our outdoor time when it is cool enough.

The brief but heavy rains we've had have delayed spreading gravel on the roads over in the construction area.  Jim says it will start next week putting his schedule two days behind.

Ernesto is our superhero when it comes to stonework so the whole crew is readying Palm Park for his big project to begin next week.  These long concrete pavers will be placed in a shallow trench along the edge of the grass making it much easier to trim and maintain.
These bricks are heavy and there are a lot of them!  My back hurts just watching.

Doug Conkle sent me a link to a fascinating website where you just type in an address and the database narrows to your exact location.  Type in your home address and give it a try.  It's fun.
You'll be amazed when you see the photos available for Palm Creek as they're quite recent.

Show My Street

BTW (stands for By The Way for those non-texting folks) -- the acorn woodpeckers are still here even though the acorn trees are gone.  Hope they stay around as we always enjoy watching their antics in the tall palms by the main pool.

The little burrowing owl I used to photograph frequently has changed his roosting spot so we haven't seen him for quite a while.  Hope he is happy at his new digs.  Since several folks have asked about owls.......thought I'd post these.

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