Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday - more bistro photos

Say Good Morning to Fernando as he finishes up some work in Palm Park.  They're trying to level out the walkways now and get ready for putting in the pavers.

Pavers will be even with the grass to make mowing and trimming a lot easier.
Wow!  They worked hard yesterday to get the bistro area cleaned up after cutting down all those trees and chopping up the cement.
Ha!  This machine is just eager to grab hold of that tree trunk.
Everything else is pretty quiet so far this morning.  We're out there pretty early though (6:30) so we take advantage of the cool coolER temperatures.  It was only 80 this morning and was quite pleasant.

Mama dove found the ideal tree for her nesting spot.  It's not often you get a nice shady spot like this!

Yes.  It is a lovely park we have here and we feel safe and secure knowing Roger and crew are ever vigilant watching over us.


Have a GREAT day!

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