Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!

I'm writing this Thursday night and will post on Friday.  I took the day off today for fun and games.

What a wonderful birthday I had today!  I was supposed to be going to an iPad class but it turned out to be a surprise birthday party!!  What FUN!  And I must say thank you also to the emails and facebook popup messages I received.  My computer just kept pinging away tonight.

Our fellow resident, Maurice Parobec, should be in South Africa now for those transplant Olympic games.  We wish him well.  It will be exciting to see how he does and hear about his stories.  He will try to post on his blog when opportunity permits so be sure to follow his adventures.  I'm sure many of you have met Maurice or at least been present to watch him play at all the sports games here.....especially pickleball, tennis, and softball.  It's an awesome story of a man given a second chance at life due to a heart transplant.

Click here for Maurice's blog and then save it in your favorites.

We were having a great time up at the pool but it was raining so hard that we finally gave up because it was too hard to see with it raining into our faces.  By the time I scrambled up to my camera most everyone had already left the pool but it was fun while it lasted.  Being down in the water when the big raindrops hit the surface of the pool was awesome!  Each rain drop bounced/splashed up into the air about an inch.  Wish I would have had a camera in the water with us.  That would have been an award winning photo!

We seem to have some rain every day for the last week or so.  It's great for our desert but it will probably hold up road construction for a while.  It's still too soupy to get the big equipment out there.  Our weather has been more than interesting.  Lots of cloud cover, some fast moving dirt storms, and thunderstorms.  

Ta da.....Another sky picture.

Our new painted street signs are finally going back up.  Don and I certainly miss them as we drive around for our house watch chores.

There are always maintenance chores occurring around the park.  Many dollars are spent in maintenance that we as residents don't see but taking care of a place this beautiful requires a lot of care.  Here is another sample of what it takes to repair an underground water valve.

There's not much else to write about today.  The wet ground has slowed construction quite a bit.  We need our good old hot sun to dry things up once again.  

This article appeared in the Casa Grande Dispatch this week.  It shows Cate Leu donating $16,500 to the American Cancer Society on behalf of Palm Creek.  All of you who participated in the many fund raising events we held here had FUN for a good and worthy cause.

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