Tuesday, July 09, 2013


It seems strange but there is relatively little activity out on the field this morning.  Our 94 early morning temperature was a bit oppressive since the humidity is up to 40%.....although I've heard from several readers who are willing to take our triple digit heat to get out of the heavy humidity in the midwest.

New house coming in on the Shimmering Desert Drive.

Here is another site at 1952 being prepped for a new house.
Even Fernando has shovel in hand this morning as they work on installing the sprinkler system around the palm trees at Palm Park.
This big barrel cactus is sprouting some colorful flowers this morning.
We had our monthly summer bingo game last night with a massive crowd of about 20 people.  I get to be the caller in summer and always enjoy the job.  Besides that........I get a free bottle of water to go with it.
Bingo photos were taken with Diane Gaines' cell phone and are posted on the Palm Creek facebook page.

Corey Cookinham was one of our big winners last night along with Chip Milner at the back table.
Ray & Ann Koistenen, Don and Carrie Blair
Nancy Flader at left trying to get out of the picture as usual....Avis, Suzette, Lynne, Connie.
Popkorn and Sue Neumann

Even the Palm trees look hot and wilted.
But the swimming pool is absolutely wonderful and so appreciated in the evenings.  We watch many a sunset up there during these summer months.
That's all for today.  Should be more news being released this week.
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