Saturday, July 13, 2013

A very quiet Saturday morning

It is a very very quiet Saturday morning.  We awoke to 79 degrees which made for a lovely morning for coffee on the patio watching a beautiful sunrise.  I suppose all the dust in the atmosphere makes for all the color.


We're always thankful for clouds as they keep the intense sun under control.

This cactus at 1754 blossoms quite frequently.  I like the pretty purple along the outside petals.
I know I've met the owners.......but senioritis causes memory loss so can't tell you their names.  Surely someone out there knows them so can send me an email.  What kind of cactus is it?  How old is it?

The ONLY people we saw this morning were our loyal golfers.  They seldom miss a day out on the links.

**I need to make a correction about a previous post.  I wrote that we were getting a new reservation system.....and that's false.  Sorry.  Just new computers and a better use of the system we have.  I have to be very careful of my sources.

Even though I don't always have earth shaking news to post, I can see by the blog statistics that we still have avid followers out there.  

Oh.............remember the new building in the Florence Blvd Fry's store that I said was just another mattress store??  Well, the other half of it is going to be a Jimmy John's cafe.  It sounds like it is another chain of sandwich shops.  Here is a link to the menu they offer:  Jimmy Johns Menu

Have you gone to see the Lone Ranger movie yet??  Don't bother.    It certainly is a disappointment for those of us who grew up with THE Lone Ranger of yesteryear.  

Some of you may have heard via the weather channel that we had a huge dust storm yesterday.  Again, it was seen on the horizon and it did cover Phoenix but luckily it missed us.  No problems here.

Ta Ta for now.  

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