Friday, July 19, 2013

Steve Endsley

Just days before his surgery, Steve was seen here in the park trying to finish up a couple small jobs he started before his accident.  He longed to be able to work again.    July 17 he underwent a major surgery due to the broken vertebrae in his back that were too crushed to mend on their own.  This means he will be out of commission for another couple months while his spine heals.  

Steve is an energetic young man who supports his family through his Handyman Services.  Being unable to work is a true hardship for him and his young family. (wife Leticia and 3 children).  Steve has done many services for residents here in Palm Creek.  Our residents were very generous and supportive in April when Steve's accident first occurred....but he needs more time and help.  

Financial contributions are being handled through the Seeds of Hope which is a charitable organization here in town.  Write a check to "Seeds of Hope" and be sure to put "Steve Endsley" on the memo line or in the card.  100% of your tax deductible donation will be sent to the Endsley family.  

Seeds of Hope
c/o Steve Endsley
702 Cottonwood Blvd.
Casa Grande, AZ  85122

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