Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday RAIN

Today started out to be very quiet.  After our morning rounds, I didn't even have an interesting photo to post on the blog.  About noon we headed up to Costco and Frys Electronics to do some shopping.  It was a pleasant uneventful trip although Don noticed that the northbound traffic on 10 all had their lights on and we thought we might encounter rain toward Casa Grande.  We hit a few sprinkles on the windshield as we neared the exit by the mall but we immediately remarked that there must have been a HEAVY downpour because the fields were standing in water.  

When we turned down Henness, we were amazed to see the whole street flooded all the way across.
Water splashed up way high as we drove down the street.
We stopped at the gate to talk to Roger.  He said we had a torrential downpour that lasted the better part of an hour and it had just quit.  Water had already receded as he said it was as high as the curb and sidewalk out on Henness.
There was a message waiting on our answering machine from Helen Vosburg who lives at Site 132.  She advised that we come over and take photos of the golf course as she had never seen the water that high before.  (Thank you, Helen!)
That IS a LOT of water!!
It came across the road here between sites 149 and 150.
Of course, Don had to play so drove through it fast with a big grin on his face.  Hey, free cart wash.  It just doesn't pay for us to ever leave Casa Grande or we're sure to miss some excitement.  Here we were in Chandler for the day and never saw a drop of rain.  Dang.  We missed the fun.
Then we drove out to the construction area to check things out.  Congratulations to the construction crew who built those pickleball courts!!!!!  They were completely dry and ready for play!!  Even the sunken court was completely dry!
There was a construction crew finishing up for the day.  They looked a little muddy.  I'm going to guess that the roads may be held up for another day or two due to soupy surfaces.
We also spied Mr. Roadrunner out and about.  He runs with his mouth open in this hot weather.  

Oh Yes...............more information for you.  The reason we had to make a trip up to Fry's Electronics is because I DROPPED MY BELOVED CAMERA!!!!!  Sometimes it would turn on and sometimes it wouldn't.  Dang!!!  I must have a camera that works ALL the time.  (I'm sorry, Don!)

We went up to the camera counter and I said I needed a replacement camera just like I had.  A very pleasant (and good looking) young man took a look at my camera and said he had one better for me.  He steered us directly to a Sony CyberShot.  It is a smaller camera, lighter weight, stronger pixel strength (18 vs the 12 I had before) and the same 20x it was cheaper than the original  Canon.  As are most Fry's associates, he was very knowledgeable about all the cameras available so I took his advice and the new camera is now sitting next to me on the charger.  We'll give it a good test run tomorrow.  (Thank You, Don......again.  

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