Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Entertainment

Greetings to you on a lovely Sunday morning.  We had a fantastic thunderstorm last night!  The dark sky purely glowed with almost continuous lightning and the deep resonating rumble of thunder was awesome.  Rain fell so fast and furious that the stream running down the street practically changed its direction of flow.  Don and I parked ourselves on our patio with a cocktail and enjoyed Mother Nature's performance.  She gets a standing ovation for that one.

Today all looks fresh and clean.  

If you're busy can delete this post and continue on your daily chores.  If you have extra time, I recommend relaxing and watching the attached videos.  They are not related to our beautiful park.......they're purely entertainment from around the world wide web.  Enjoy!

The Canadian beer fridge. A salute to our northern friends.

A Place in the Choir by Celtic of my favorite groups.

Rush hour in Ho Chi Minh City. Wow!

If you think cirque du soleil is this!

Dashboard camera from Russia. Yipes!

Jeanne Robertson - favorite comedian

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