Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Okay, daylight has been upon us for several hours now.  It is 11:00.  Temperature went from 77 to 99.  We had our morning coffee in the cool air, did our housewatch rounds, did a couple emails, AND TOOK A NAP.  That's pretty good for one morning.

Thought I'd send you a couple more photos and videos before I head up to the clubhouse to play bridge for the afternoon.

Here is the MAGIC transformer truck that turns into a long legged spider when the stabilizers are stretched out to hold it in place.  That's quite an amazing piece of equipment!

There is a new village home on the golf course.  I believe it is Site 1948.  Anyone know who owns it?  I don't think it's a spec home way out there.

We saw Wendell at the tennis courts.  He was taking video of the screeds as they smoothed over the concrete.

These are the post tension rods that will get tightened once the concrete sets.  Will try to be there with camera in hand when they do it.

Outside on Cottonwood, we've planted some pine trees along the new north wall.

Here are the courts BEFORE the pour showing all the cables in place.

Video here of the big screed in action smoothing the concrete.

Video of pouring the concrete.

Finishing touches.


I've been hearing from some of our Canadian friends about the severe flooding in Alberta.  Now Manitoba has had a very severe storm with flash floods.  Poor Colorado folks are complaining of no rain to put out their forest fires.  The Mid-West states are recovering from their treacherous tornados.  With all that in mind, I will NOT complain about our heat.  I think someone angered Mother Nature or she just got bored and decided to unleash her fury.  

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