Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Isn't he gorgeous??!!!  We see our roadrunners meandering around the resort on a daily basis during summer, but it is always a joy to see them......and rare to get a decent picture.

 Now that our hot triple digit temps are here, the birds get very ingenious at finding the water and nutrition they need.  Here are some photos of the finches as they get a drink from our drip system.

The little feathered creatures have also mastered a technique to get juice from the hummingbird feeder.  Sometimes they gang up and won't let the hummer get near.  (Sue gets angry at them then!!)

Tuesday night is reserved for a gathering at the main pool.  There are often times treats to share.  Last night Dora Bautista (from Activities) treated all of us to a wonderful huge bowl of delicious fresh fruit.  Thank you, Dora!!

Gym Flader and Hank Corbitt chatted poolside.

......while some of the gang played water volleyball.

This morning we stopped to watch the installation of more palm trees as they're moved from the Palm Park.

 This is a huge task.

When first pulled out, the trees were measured and marked so they could be planted all to the same depth.

Now they'll all be the same height.

It really is an exciting project to watch as trees are moved in preparation for turning Palm Park into a much more accessible area to hold future entertainment and events.

Ernesto and Jaimie have just about finished the east wall as it extends just past the new construction streets.

Next step is wait for the concrete to pour inside the wall and then put on the final cap.

And here's your wise thought for the day:


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