Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Steve Endsley Update

Look who showed up at my door today!!!  Steve Endsley.  This is the resilient young handyman who broke his neck, broke his back in two places, and broke several ribs during an ATV accident a couple months ago. 

 Steve and his wife Leticia are so grateful for the outpouring of support they received from all of you readers and residents of Palm Creek.  They want to express their gratitude and thanks for the food, supplies, and funds they received during a GREAT time of need.
Steve says his greatest obstacle to overcome during his recovery is boredom!  He is an active person who hates to sit still, doesn't like to watch TV nor read so being an invalid was very difficult.  He is still "supposed" to be wearing his body cast but he has figured out how to get out of it and says he is much more comfortable without it.....and his "turtle shell" as he calls it is HOT.  He, of course, has to be very careful to avoid further injury while his bones mend and is still in sufficient pain with movement so his activity is very limited yet.  His next doctor appointment is July 1 for another cat scan to determine his level of recovery.  He is already praying for some kind of release to active duty.  

Do you know Steve's wife, Leticia?  She has a nursing degree from a university in Mexico but unfortunately none of her credits will transfer to the United States so for employment purposes, she is not credited.  If you need a trained and experienced personal caregiver, she would be a TOP candidate.  Because she too likes to stay active, she cleans and cooks while taking care of her patients.  Sign her up!!  She's looking for work.  Need a housekeeper??  Call her!

Steve finally created an email account and promises to keep tabs on it.  Send him a note to say hello.  He'd love to hear from you.  

Email:  endsleyhandyman@outlook.com
Phone:  520-414-3322

P.S.  Their two youngest daughters (Melanie 7 and Stephanie 6) are going to join Girl Scouts this year so be prepared to buy your Girl Scout cookies when the time comes!

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