Saturday, June 22, 2013

To our Canadian Friends

All is quiet here today (Saturday)  as most of the construction is off for the weekend.  There are a few big graders out in the new area prepping for road work but all else is quiet.    It was a BEAUTIFUL morning at 75 degrees with a few white wispy clouds in our blue sky.  It was perfect for that morning cup of coffee.  

I've been hearing from a couple of our Canadian friends about the massive flooding they're going through in Alberta.  So far no one I know has lost a home but folks are talking about the total devastation that's occurring throughout the province.  Jim Kraus sent these photos this morning:

"Here are a few photos of the mess of Calgary, Alberta. It isn't just Calgary but the whole south part of the province.  The Calgary Stampede is supposed to start in 2 weeks.  The last photo is the Trans Canada highway which is closed from Calgary to Banff!  A very sad mess."

Here is a link to CNN for more of an update.  They've had an enormous amount of rain and the forecast is calling for even more!

Here's another link sent by Will and Marlene Thurlow who live in Alberta:

To all of our Palm Creek Canadian friends:  Wish we could ship you some of our sunshine and clear blue sky.  Good luck and best wishes to all of you.  Hope you stay safe and dry.

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