Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday cute!  This little cactus has sprouted two HUGE eyes!  It looks like he's peeking over the top of the rocks.  Maybe I've watched too many children's stories??  I think it's adorable.  
(That sound you may hear is Don groaning in the background.)


Say hello to John Blount from Blount Construction.  This is the company that installs all the new houses here.............and they do an awesome job by the way.  We asked John for advice on how to close up our homes for the summer.  His advice is definitely to keep the AC turned on.  He held up a piece of flooring and explained that the adhesive under flooring can dry out and then the floor tiles come loose.  The manufacturer states that room temperatures should be no higher than 88 degrees or the product is no longer under warranty.  The same holds true for the adhesive under countertops and even in furniture.  The excessive heat can also cause carpeting to expand so it may need to be continually stretched to avoid ripples.  When asked about moisture by leaving water buckets, he suggested just one or two buckets as the air will circulate when the AC is on.  
The storage trailer near the dumpsters has been painted to match the wall color.  Now it just blends in. All the wall painting is now completed in and around the resort.  Whew!  Big job!
I noticed that the new tennis courts were all covered with plastic.  We didn't see that when they poured the pickleball courts so sought out Jim Dawson to ask.  He explained that the contractor covered the fresh concrete to avoid any hairline cracks due to rapid drying.  He said our humidity level fell to 7% yesterday so they covered the concrete to keep it from drying too fast.  ( is a DRY heat here!)
Today the post tension workers are pulling the cables to increase the strength of the courts.  That small machine has a LOT of power to pull those cables.
Cabling for the other two courts is being installed.  The tennis players should really appreciate the new courts.  It took 22 truckloads of concrete just for the first two courts!  The next two courts will be poured Monday night into Tuesday morning.
AHA!......another beauty spotted at Site 1717....Ray and Cheri Norsted.
More blooms to come!

This note for the residents that are still here:  Go to the city website to read about the upcoming July 4 activities.
Casa Grande July 4

That's the news for today.  I must go now and get ready to play.  We're gathering to play computer games and complete a couple beading projects this afternoon.  

Sue -- over and out

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