Friday, June 14, 2013

Avid Picklers still play in summer

It was only about 84 when we were at the courts this morning at 7:00.  Still plenty of action at the pickleball courts and we could tell by the laughter and cheers that they're having fun.

Natalie says I should advertise that we're the only air conditioned courts in the country.  This is a HUGE fan and it felt GREAT to sit there.
Here's the summer schedule.
Setting up the sprinkler system for the palm trees.
Palm Park is looking different these days.
The public library holds free classes so Sue Neuman and I went to an Intermediate iPad class yesterday.  Great way to spend a hot summer afternoon and it's always fun to play or learn something new.

Oh.......a follow up note from yesterday's post about the new chairs............Ranger Bob is the nice gent who assembled all those chairs!  He's probably pretty good at it by now after all that practice.  :)


Yes, it gets HOT in Arizona during summer.
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