Friday, June 28, 2013

Electrical lines

I had so many pictures and newsy bits to post today that I had to do it in two sections!  First:

Congratulations to our chief mechanic...Pascual.  Pascual has cleaned up the workshop and is steadily organizing the work area.  He's responsible for keeping ALL of the plethora of machines we have in working order.


I've posted his photo several times previously but it usually was when he was displaying his Harley at one of our car this.  :)

It takes a lot of specialized equipment to keep a golf course in good condition. I learned from Jim this morning, you need back up equipment for some chores too because if there is a break down, work must still continue until repairs are finished.


(Uh Oh.....I can see dirt spots on that picture above.  Time to clean my poor camera after being out in the field! )

Over at the tennis courts, I asked about why they meticulously framed out the concrete around the light poles.  Jim explained that the lights do sway in a strong wind.  If they were tightly surrounded by the concrete....especially along the back where the concrete would be thin, it would cause cracking.  I always learn something new on these tours!
Work continues at Palm Park to finish installing electrical lines.  Now that the pipes (conduit) are laid, they're filling in the trench.  I asked...why the water?.  That is to get the dirt to settle.  Then the rest will be filled in and compacted before paving over the area.  

Say hello to Joel and Faustino as they work on the project.

The electricity for Palm Park is coming from this transformer in the overnight parking area. 
It runs through these trenches all around the park.  I stood and looked at this maze of underground work and had to ask a question.  "They laid all this conduit through underground trenches, but how do you get the electrical cords through all that?"  Answer:  They have a gizmo that looks like a badmitton shuttlecock.  They tie a string to it and shoot it through the pipe with a blast of air.  When the gizmo pops up at the other end of the pipe, they simply pull the string with the electrical cable attached to it.  How clever!  Who thinks up all this stuff?!!!  This is a whole new world for little old me with my limited knowledge of the construction industry.
One more tidbit of knowledge for the day:  Sewer lines.  
After the sewer pipes are installed underground, they have to be tested before certified and approved.  A cord with a camera can run through the sewer pipes for visual inspection.  Then they can drag this "football looking thing" through the sewer line on a rope. 

 If it snags on something, there is a definite problem.  This test showed a snag so the street had to be dug up.  Whoops....somehow the pipe had gotten crushed so had to be replaced.  Better to find it now than later!!  

Remind all residents that they should NOT drive through or across sites in our neighborhoods as all those pipes run down the middle of the blocks.  

Newly installed water lines must be tested and pass inspection as well.  

This man is testing each of the water connections to assure that they don't leak.

Jim says we're close to the final testing stages so we can pass city certification.  

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