Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I have lots of action shots to show you today.  Work is progressing nicely at Palm Park.  It appears they're making a street or lane down the side of the park as there will be a double line of trees.

The interior of the park is now clear of trees and the walkways are leveled.

Digging the trench to get power lines to the stage.

Certainly looks different than when you left the park this spring!

Palm trees are definitely in full bloom.  

The bucket truck is up there trimming every day.

Big news day for the tennis people!  A big crew came in today to start the resurfacing project.

They're digging up the big chunks of concrete where the net poles were.  Jack hammers in action!

Big dump truck is bringing in gravel.  I understand this layer will be at least 5 inches thick on top of the old surface.

These guys were breaking up the edges of the court.

Here's the first load.

Finally got this chunk of concrete out.

That was all good news stuff.  Now a bit of sad news.


Remember that new set of twin chicks in the hummingbird nest??  Tragedy has struck for this little guy.

We can't really tell if the other chick is still in the nest or not.

Meanwhile, the doves are doing fine.

Say what you will about the messy doves.......but they're a very pretty bird and I enjoy watching them.  Love that pretty blue circle around their eyes.
(and I also love this camera!)

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