Thursday, June 20, 2013

More News

These two beauties reached out to us as we traveled down Sandy Dessert Drive along the west wall this morning.  Such beautiful big flowers for such a thin cactus arm.

I did a little computer work to combine the photos for a "before and after" shot.

If you know the folks at 1276, you can compliment their landscaping.

Here's a sample of a street lamp that is being considered for the park.  Exactly where or if hasn't been finalized yet.  The lamp is the newest in solar technology and gives off a nice glow after dark.  We'll have to travel over there one of these nights to take a look at it.

Take a look at this GIANT agave 'flower' at Site 576.  Jim Dawson says this is the tallest spike he has ever seen!  It truly reaches up higher than the street lights and is one for the record books.

 Another lot is sold over in the new section.  Hole is being dug for Site 1965.  Congrats to the new owners whoever they are.

Progress continues at Palm Park.

Here's a better look at the lane that will border the park. is not a driveway to be used as a shortcut.

I made Don stop the cart again when I spotted the acorn woodpecker among the trees on the golf course.  The feathered friend was very camera shy and simply would not cooperate with me so this is the best shot I could get.  Silly bird!!

Tree trimming continues along the entrance way.

The first of the four north tennis courts to be resurfaced now has its layer of base material.  I pity the poor young man who is running this machine.  It vibrates very hard to compact the soil.  

We had a nice conversation with Mr. Dawson this morning.  We asked about progress on plans for the Bistro as quite a few of you readers keep asking me about it.  He explained that we must be very patient as all detailed plans and drawings are reviewed by the City Engineer.  They are now in the second review with the city after they've corrected some minor changes that were requested.  We're hoping for final approval after a meeting next week.  Then comes the bidding process for the work to be done.

The perimeter walls around the whole park are about 95% done....both inside and out.  BIG project!

The lights and equipment have arrived for the next eight pickleball courts.  Installation should start soon so you folks who like to play at night will have what you need.

Water quality tests have all passed with flying colors for the new construction area.  That's another hurdle passed in the construction process.

Someone asked about what kind of grass we'll have in the new dog park.  It will be real grass...the same as the softball field.  

The curb machines are expected to arrive late next week to begin the streets in the new construction area.  Once those curbs are in, the streets take shape in a hurry.  

Ernesto is very very busy this summer!  He has quite a few job orders from residents requesting new patios or brick work.  Then comes the HUGE project of the pavers for the Palm Park area.

That's the most recent update we have.  Thank you, Jim, for keeping ALL of us apprised.  

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