Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday -- Tree Removal Starts

How quickly the kids grow up!  Mama and her clan of nine were lounging in the shade at the pond this morning.  

A very peaceful scene.
Over in Palm Park, it isn't so quiet and serene as they're starting to dig around the center palms to move them to their new locations.
Step 1:  They dig out a square around the base of each tree with the ditch witch.
There certainly isn't much of a root system to these trees.  Of course, palms aren't really true trees.
I copied this blurb from Wikipedia:  

The lawn bowl area is getting aerated today just like the greens on the golf course.
We met the maintenance guys as they broke from lunch.  Say Hi to Edie and Luis.
and Neil.
Roof repairs and sealing on the Administration building.  There's always LOTS of maintenance chores to be done that we never really see.
Meanwhile, the landscape crew continues the daily chore of trimming the palm trees in the rest of the park.
That's the update from the morning rounds.  It is 11:00 and 101 degrees.  Time to find some indoor activity for the rest of the day.

Cats are very caring creatures.  :)

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