Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First 2 tennis courts being poured

Good Morning!  These photos are FRESH off the press as I'm typing at 4:30 a.m. and they're still out there pouring the cement for the tennis courts.  It is a fascinating operation to watch!  This is the same company that did the pickleball courts as I recognize the names on the truck and the same workers.  

The big arm that unfolds from the truck and stretches all the way across the courts just amazes me.  The heavy concrete pours steadily through that long arm as it maneuvers back and forth across the courts.

One man helps to manually move the tube to direct the pour.  The man behind him in this photo has a remote control that he uses to stretch the arm, move it back and forth, and I imagine turn it on and off.
Here is the machine that follows behind and smooths out the cement with laser controlled accuracy to assure the proper slope and depth every inch along the way.
Part of the crew manually smooths out the edges.  As soon as the cement is set enough, they'll be out there with their machines to smooth it all out.
I couldn't get enough light to show you the line of cement trucks back here that keep the pouring truck supplied.  It certainly takes efficient organization to make sure the next truck is here ready and waiting.

Okay....that's enough for now.  I'll finish my coffee and wait for daylight.  Then I'll go out for more photos.  As Arnold would say:  "I'll be back!"
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